Sitemap - 2023 - TSOH Investment Research Service

"It's Always About The People"

BJ's Wholesale Club: Transformation?

Portfolio Change - 12/12/2023

"Back To The Basics"

Surfing The Streaming Wave

Vita Coco: Testing The Moat

Airbnb: "Turning The Corner"

Disney 10-K Update

"The Pace Of Getting There"

Disney: "Improve The Bottom Line"

Portfolio Change - 11/14/2023

Tinder's Melting Ice Cube?

Portfolio Change - 11/07/2023

Convergence Calamity, Revisited

Meta: The Next Peak

"This Is Microsoft's Moment"

Netflix: Removing The Ceiling

"It's About Returns, Not Growth"

Cracking Coconuts

Peloton: "Unwelcome Surprises"

"I'll Never Sell A Share"

Q3 2023 Portfolio Update



"Always Looking For Context"

Fever-Tree: A Premium Business?

TSOH Announcement

“Moving Forward, Or Moving On”

Five Below: "Nothing But Upside"?

Dollar General: From Bad To Worse

Airbnb: "Growth Mode"

The Markel Style

Portfolio Change - 08/22/2023

Match Group: Maturation

Disney: The Turning Point

Portfolio Change - 08/11/2023

Cable's Strategic Vision(s)

Meta: "A Meaningful Cultural Shift"

Microsoft: The Third Pillar

Portfolio Change - 07/28/2023

Spotify: "Retain Optionality"

Netflix: “Heads Down and Execute”

ESPN: “Looking For Strategic Partners”

"The Evolution Of A Value Investor"

CAVA: The Next Chipotle?

Q2 2023 Portfolio Update

Dollar Tree: Turning Point

FIVE: Below And Beyond

TKO: Positioned To Capitalize

DG: Competitive Concerns?

"In A Transitional Period"

Position Sizing

Airbnb: ADR's and Affordability

“A Worrisome Circumstance”

"Our Intent Is To Grow"

Meta: When It All Matters

Spotify: "Win-Win"

Microsoft: "Drive Optimization"

Ally Financial: "Moving Pieces"

Netflix: The Cost Of Success

Portfolio Change - 04/18/2023

Markel: "A Long-Term Mentality"

The "Life Out Here" Retailer

A Rebuttal To "Problems At Airbnb"

DLTR: "We Know How To Fix It"

Q1 2023 Portfolio Update

"There Aren't Many See's Candies"

DG: "No Noise, No Distractions"

"Turnarounds Are Hard Work"

GEICO: The Gecko Stumbles

Floor & Decor: "Wind In Our Face"

Roblox: The Path To Profitability

HD: "A Unique Environment"

Airbnb: Capitalizing On Adversity

"We're In The Discovery Business"

Disney: Iger's Strategy Shift?

Meta Platforms: Phase Change

Portfolio Change - 02/06/2023

Walking The Peacock Plank

Ally Financial: A Clearer Roadmap

Microsoft: "It's Showtime"

Netflix: "We're Off To A Good Start"

"Regardless Of Price"

Amazon, Google, and the NFL

Floor & Decor: “A True Category Killer”

Q4 2022 Portfolio Update