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“Ted Williams wrote a book called ‘The Science of Hitting’. In the book, he shows a diagram of him at the plate, with the strike zone divided into 77 baseballs. He said, ‘If I only swing at pitches in my sweet spot, I can bat .400 - but if I have to swing at low outside pitches in the strike zone, I’ll bat .230’. He said the most important thing in hitting is waiting for the right pitch. Now, he was a disadvantage because if the count was 0-2 or 1-2, even if the ball was where he’d bat .230, he had to swing. In investing, there are no called strikes.”

- Warren Buffett

My name is Alex Morris (on Twitter, I’m “The Science of Hitting” or TSOH); I am a long-term investor, a former buyside equities analyst, and a CFA Charterholder.

I spent 10 years in the finance industry, most recently as part of a four person team responsible for allocating ~$1.2 billion in client assets. In April 2021, I launched the TSOH Investment Research service, with the goal of providing complete transparency around my investment philosophy, equity research process, portfolio decision-making, and outcomes (returns disclosed quarterly).

What Is TSOH Investment Research? 

Through the TSOH Investment Research service, I provide complete access to my investment research process and all portfolio decision-making. The portfolio disclosed to subscribers includes all of my investable assets (everything outside of a small checking account). My promise to subscribers is 100% transparency. 

  • Research reports on new ideas (deep dives), including my investment decision (buy / watch / pass) and my financial model / valuation.

  • Periodic updates on current holdings / watch list (typically quarterly).

  • Prior disclosure of all portfolio changes, with a clear explanation for both sides of the transaction (what I’m buying, what I’m selling, and why). 

  • Quarterly portfolio updates (each position, its weighting, and returns).

In a nutshell, I share all research and portfolio activity with subscribers.

What To Expect (Paid Subscribers):

Premium subscribers receive: 

  • Six investment write-ups per month (every Monday at 6:30am ET and every other Thursday at 6:30am ET), including deep dives on new companies, portfolio updates on current holdings, and investment philosophy discussions (asset allocation, holding cash, growth vs value, etc.)

  • The disclosure of all portfolio changes before they're executed with detailed commentary explaining my rationale for both sides of the transaction

  • Complete access to all previous investment reports, including deep dives on companies like Airbnb, Netflix, Roblox, Costco, Nike, HD, and many others

To receive weekly investment research from an equities analyst and CFA Charterholder with a decade of buyside experience, in addition to the disclosure of all portfolio changes before they’re implemented, sign-up below.

About Me:

  • CFA Charterholder with an MBA and undergraduate Finance degree

  • 10 years as a buyside analyst (2011 - 2021), most recently as part of a four person investment team responsible for allocating ~$1.2 billion in client assets (this has been my sole professional endeavor since April 2021)

  • 15,000+ TSOH readers and 500+ paid subscribers

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My Investment Philosophy

This is an overview of who I am, or at least who I’m trying to be, as an investor.

April 2021 Portfolio Review, Part 1

Part one of the portfolio review provides commentary on my largest holdings as of the launch of the TSOH Investment Research Service (April 2021). It will give you a clear indication of my investment philosophy (and how it compares to your own approach to security analysis and portfolio management), which should help with deciding whether its worthwhile to become a subscriber.

Airbnb: “Belonging Anywhere”

Airbnb revolutionized the travel industry. After a near-death experience in 2020, the company emerged from the pandemic with a renewed appreciation for the importance of focus and operational excellence (“it was a crucible moment for the company”). They’ve also benefited from structural changes in travel, most notably the rise of long-term stays. In this deep dive, I discussed the company’s history, its current economics, and my views on its valuation. As a subscriber, this is the quality of work that you should expect on new company research.

To give you a sense for the companies and industries that I focus on, here’s a list of the research that was sent to TSOH paid subscribers over the past six months.

Feedback From TSOH Subscribers:

Thanks again for considering the TSOH Investment Research Service. If you have any questions, please let me know (thescienceofhitting@gmail.com).

- Alex Morris (@TSOH_Investing)

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TSOH is written by Alex Morris, a former buyside equities analyst with 10+ years of industry experience. Subscribers receive weekly investment research and 100% portfolio transparency, with the disclosure of all changes before they’re implemented.


The Science of Hitting 

Through the TSOH Investment Research service, I provide complete access to my investment research process and portfolio decision-making. If you're looking for thoughtful analysis on high-quality public companies (stocks), this service is for you.