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Welcome to TSOH Investment Research Service.

My name is Alex Morris, and I’m a former buyside equities analyst. In early 2021, after a decade in the finance industry, I launched the TSOH Investment Research service, with the goal of providing complete transparency on my investment philosophy, research process, portfolio decision-making, and outcomes (returns). The portfolio disclosed to subscribers includes 100% of my investable assets.

What To Expect:

Paid subscribers receive: 

  • Six write-ups per month (every Monday and every other Thursday)

  • Research reports on new ideas, including my investment decision

  • Periodic updates on current holdings / watch list (typically quarterly)

  • Prior disclosure of all portfolio changes, with a detailed explanation for both sides of the transaction (what I’m buying, what I’m selling, and why) 

  • Complete access to all previous investment research, including deep dives on companies like ABNB, NFLX, RBLX, COST, NKE, TKO, FEVR, and more

  • Quarterly portfolio updates, which detail every position and its current weighting, along with trailing portfolio returns. (Historic returns for my portfolio were made available at the launch of the service; I consider all subsequent updates to be the intellectual property of TSOH subscribers.)

About Me:

  • CFA Charterholder with an MBA and undergraduate Finance degree

  • 10 years as a buyside equities analyst (2011 - 2021); the TSOH Investment Research Service has been my sole professional endeavor since April 2021

  • 600+ paid subscribers

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My Investment Philosophy

This is an overview of my approach to investing.

Airbnb: “Belonging Anywhere”

After a near-death experience in 2020, Airbnb emerged from the pandemic with a renewed appreciation for focus and operational excellence (“a crucible moment for the company”). In this deep dive, I discussed Airbnb’s history, its competitive position, the economics / valuation, and my investment decision.

Netflix: “This Is When It All Matters”

This article highlights my thought process during a period where a business and its stock price are facing intense pressure. It should give you some insight into how I think and act during difficult situations - specifically, while being 100% transparency with TSOH subscribers and staying focused on the long-term.

To give you a sense for the companies and industries that I tend focus on, here’s a list of the research that was sent to TSOH subscribers over the past six months.

Feedback From TSOH Subscribers:

Thank you for considering the TSOH Investment Research Service. If you have any questions, please let me know (thescienceofhitting@gmail.com).

- Alex Morris (@TSOH_Investing)

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Long-term investment research with 100% transparency (prior disclosure of all portfolio changes). TSOH is written by Alex Morris, a former buyside equities analyst and CFA Charterholder.


Through the TSOH Investment Research service, I provide complete access to my investment research process and portfolio decision-making. If you're looking for thoughtful analysis on high-quality public companies (stocks), this service is for you.