Sitemap - 2022 - TSOH Investment Research Service

Ollie's: Revisiting The Thesis

"We Take A Long-Term View"

"The Right Way To Run An Insurance Company"

"It's All About Delivering Value"

The Home Depot: "Intense Focus"

DG: Short-Term Stumbles

Match: Feeling The Heat

Bob Iger and "The Age of Great Anxiety"

Roblox: Growing Up

Airbnb: "A Bridge Too Far"?

Disney: Commence Phase Two

Cable: Back On Offense

Meta: Moving The Goal Posts

Microsoft: "The Ultimate Tailwind"

Ally: Past The Peak

Netflix: "Not Fantastic, But Reasonable"

Nike: "Managing Through Volatility"

Portfolio Change - 10/13/2022

Q3 2022 Portfolio Update

"More Banks Than Bankers"

Starbucks: Reinvention Roadmap

"Focus First On Scale"

Revolving-Door Capitalists

Dollar Tree: "Value Creation Lever"?

DG: Widening The Moat

Match: "Disappointing Execution"

"I Don't Care How Much We're Losing"

Roblox: "Bigger Than Play"

The Disney Streaming Playbook

"Growth & Profitability At Scale"

Cable's Convergence Calamity?

Meta: Peak Profitability?

Microsoft: The $100 Billion Club

“In The Right ZIP Code”

The Oracle and OXY: "The World Has Changed"

"It's All About Scale"

"I Hate Advertising"

Q2 2022 Portfolio Update

"Fear of Crashing"

"Sadie Hawkins" Goes Digital

Schultz: "I'm Here Now"

Five Below's Triple-Double

"We're Doing Much Better Than You Think"

Match Group: Swipe Right?

"I've Seen This Movie Before"

DG: Flight to Value

“A New World of Travel”?

Peloton: "What's Next?"

Portfolio Change - 05/17/2022

"Just Keep Swimming"

Spotify: The Power Question

Meta: “Appropriately Calibrated”

Microsoft: "Taking Share"

Portfolio Change - 04/26/2022

Netflix: "This Is When It All Matters"

Ally: "A Permanent Change"

The YouTube of Gaming?

Ollie's: "Over Our Skis"

Disruption & The "Right" Owners

Q1 2022 Portfolio Update

DG: "A Low-Cost Operator"

The Case for "Ruthless Prioritization"

"We Had Lines Out The Door"

Netflix: Regional Economics and Global Scale

Portfolio Change - 03/11/2022

Volatility & Portfolio Construction

"A Better Long-Term Home"

"The Magic Happens On The Screen"

"Portrait of a Disciplined Investor"

Airbnb: "Completely Additive"

"Content, Content, Content"

"We Needed To Find Leverage"

Meta: A Precarious Position

Portfolio Change - 02/03/2022

"A Structural Shift in Demand"

Microsoft + Activision Blizzard

Portfolio Change - 01/25/2022

“The Greatest Opportunity in Entertainment”

Cable's Wireless Moment

"We Can't Just Maintain A Pat Hand"

Ollie's: "Good Stuff Cheap"

2021 Year in Review

Q4 2021 Portfolio Update