Sitemap - 2021 - TSOH Investment Research Service

"On The Shoulders Of Giants"

Has Twitter Truly Changed?

"A Mature Retailer In Growth Mode"

Portfolio Change - 12/07/2021

Ally: A Banking Transformation

Breaking The Buck

My Investment Philosophy

Disney: Breaking The Dam

The Berkshire Buyback Machine

Airbnb: A Travel Revolution

The Next Platform

Spotify: "Room To Run"

Microsoft: Expand The TAM

Netflix: "Uncharted Territory"

Facebook: Two Divergent Trends

The Costco Snowball

GoodRx: An Oddity of U.S. Healthcare

"The Long-Term" Crutch

Q3 2021 Portfolio Update

Protecting Against Upside Risk

"Is The Party Over?"

The Future of ESPN

"I'm Here To Tell You I Was A Pig"

Dollar Tree: A Vision Emerges

Airbnb: "Belonging Anywhere"

DG: "An All-Weather Brand"

"You've Got A Very Good Business"

Portfolio Change - 08/23/2021

"Mo' Money, Mo' Problems"

TSOH Media Update

Disney: "The First Inning"

Facebook: "Get To Scale"

"A Broadband-Centric Company"

Spotify: “Laser Focused on Audio”

Microsoft: "A More Accelerated Pace"

Netflix: "A One Product Company"

"Just Swimming All The Time"

Costco (COST) Podcast

"They Certainly Know Them Now"

"We Sell Stuff Nobody Really Needs"

Costco: "Raising Prices Is The Easy Way"

Q2 2021 Performance Update

Q2 2021 Portfolio Update

AWS: "Scoring 1,000 Runs"

Walmart: Turning the Titanic

"I Don't Defend This Logic"

Portfolio Change - 06/15/2021

"We Went Where They Ain't"

"One Buck At A Time"

TSOH Update

Why I (Usually) Build Models

Lionsgate: An Attractive Minnow?

"The Pickle Out Of The Jar"

Twitter: An Audacious Goal

WarnerMedia + Discovery

Disney: "As Big as Ever"

Portfolio Change - 05/14/2021

Qurate: Behind The Eight Ball

Facebook: "Invest Aggressively"

Peacock: From DTC to DOA?

Portfolio Change - 05/05/2021

Spotify: "Shake It Off"

Microsoft: "It's Just The Beginning"

Netflix: Opportunity on the Horizon?

Jason Kilar and the Future of HBO Max

Microsoft, Nuance, and Industry-Specific Clouds

Portfolio Change - 04/13/21

Spotify: The Times They Are a-Changin'

Returns and Lessons Learned

April 2021 Portfolio Review, Part 3

April 2021 Portfolio Review, Part 2

April 2021 Portfolio Review, Part 1

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